About Us

In TML MultiState IEBP's early years, our mission was simple – to provide cities with alternative medical benefits. In today's healthcare market, TML MultiState IEBP must be more than an alternative; TML MultiState IEBP must continue to be a Political Subdivision leader in the constantly changing field of healthcare benefits.

TML MultiState Intergovernmental Employee Benefits Pool is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of political subdivisions in Texas. What is more, TML MultiState IEBP understands the impact of today's economy and the challenges confronting the members we serve. Now more than ever, it is increasingly important to uphold our mission statement:

To provide excellent service offering competitive health benefits and administrative services to eligible municipalities and other governmental entities in Texas and other states by utilizing innovative, viable, affordable alternatives while maintaining financial integrity.
Member Dedication

The Pool consists of political subdivisions that join together through an Interlocal Agreement to provide health benefits to eligible employees, officials, retirees, and dependents. The long-term commitment of IEBP’s Members makes the organization successful. In 2017, the Pool serviced 950 Member Employers. IEBP continues to focus on performance based medicine, membership growth, and the management of healthcare cost integrity. IEBP promotes active benefit plan engagement from the covered individual to achieve successful healthy lifestyles and health managed outcomes and a cost affordable rate.

From inception, the Pool’s purpose was to provide political subdivisions with an alternative to the commercial insurance marketplace. Availability of healthcare benefits at a competitive price, coupled with excellent service is the main component of the Pool’s mission. As a result, the Board of Trustees closely reviews administrative costs and takes a very aggressive position towards cost management, Healthy Initiatives services, and effective managed care strategies.


The Pool operates under the authority of the Interlocal Cooperation Act and Chapter 172 of the Local Government Code, which established the Texas Political Subdivision Uniform Group Benefits Program. The Pool, through Interlocal Agreements, is able to provide health; dental; vision; life; long term and short term disability; Debit Card Integrated Consumer Centered Benefit Plan Options: Section 125 (Flexible Spending Account) Options: Premium Only Plan, Standard Plan, Two month fifteen day Grace Period Plan, Maximum Unreimbursed Carry Over Plan, Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Retiree Reimbursement Arrangement (RRA) Health Savings Account (HSA), and pre and post sixty-five retiree benefit plan options.

   TML MultiState IEBP Milestones

Areas of Importance
  1. Understanding we work for the political subdivisions in the State of Texas
  2. Quality and production are the two areas of constant focus. Month-end statistics are reviewed
  3. Ensuring Healthcare is cost-effective is currently one of our areas of primary focus
  4. TML MultiState IEBP currently takes risk on the first $500,000 per claim
  5. Erroneous billing is another area of continued management
  6. Correct eligibility is a primary area of managing costs
  7. Service Teams need to work together to exchange information so healthcare services and cost can be managed and claims paid accurately